Upcoming Programme

Upcomming Programmes during the financial year 2018-19

  • Awareness Programme on Social Evils in different Localities of Shillong:-
    With a deep sense of anguish and responsibility, over the massive addiction on drugs, alcohol and other substance abuse, especially amongst the youth, the Urban Mission, a special Department of the Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi, organized the “Reach Beyond”, a special community outreach programme, that targets to visit different localities of Shillong and create awareness amongst the populace about this life threatening menace.Last Year we had organized these Awareness Programmme in 5 different localities they are, Lumkshaid, Phudmuri, Mawdatbaki, Lawmali, Nongrah- Dongktieh. This Year We are planning to make this programme a Monthly programme where we will be visiting 12 localities.
  • “Breakfree 2015”, a special outreach programme for School and College Students in the month of September 2015: – Since 2013 The Urban Mission of the KJP Synod Sepngi has been able to organized the Awareness Programme Cum- Music Event, entitled “Breakfree”, a programme specifically meant for School and College students. This programme will include daily events for each school selected under the said programme, where extensive deliberation and discussion will be carried out through Workshops and interactive Seminars, besides messages that will be shared by different resource persons to be drawn from various fields of life, including recovering addicts that the Urban Mission have had the privilege of witnessing and assisting throughout the previous years. With the love and attachment to music that is being seen amongst the youth of the city, we will also engage few Christian Artists/Bands to perform and deliver their messages amongst the students. The intention of the said Programme is to instill within the students the desire to be Free, and the thirst for freedom; freedom from substance abuse and addiction, freedom from peer pressure, freedom from mental stress etc
  • Observing International Day Against Drugs And Illicit Trafficking, by organizing an awareness programme on the 26th of June 2015: – Since 2012 the KJP Synod Sepngi Urban Mission has been able to observed the International Day Against Drugs And Illicit Trafficking by organized Awareness programme Cum Slogan Writing and Quiz Competition on Substance Abuse for School Children.
  • Awareness Programme at District Jail, Shillong on the Topic: Unshackle: “Breaking the circle of Drugs Use and Crime”: The KJP Synod Sepngi Urban Mission had started its work at the District Jail, Jail Road Shillong from November 2013. We started our work with inmate’s interaction every Monday of the month, between 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM and special counseling session for the Inmates who are the drug addicts and alcoholics every Thursday between 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. This year we are planning to organize an awareness programme within the Jail Premises on the Topic: Unshackle: “Breaking the circle of Drugs Use and Crime”
  • Two days Camp for the Recovery addicts in the Month of October 2015: – as started in 2012, regular counseling sessions is being held for our clients, every Tuesday and Friday, between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and also in any other days/times, as and when the need arise, or as to our nedy friends’ convenient. We have also been able to visit their homes, with prior understanding with them, and also their family members, especially if and when they have Family problems. We had also been able to celebrate their recovery anniversary, every year.
    This year we are planning to have a two days camp for these recovery addicts in the month of October 2015 at Nichols Roy Bible College, Sohryngkham or RRTC, Umran.
  • One Day Retreat for Female Sex Workers: We have been able to initiate our intensive outreach programme at Khlieh Iew Duh from May 2013, though we have been able to identified quite a few sex workers, it is but a very tough initiative, as the only help we can offer them is only counseling, whereas, their needs are immense, considering the fact that almost all our identified clients are being pushed to this trade because of poverty. We are also grateful to the Medical Superintendent of the ” Dr. H Gordon Robert Hospital- Jaiaw” who have gracefully allow us to use the Counselling Room of the hospital, for counseling our clients.
    We are indeed filled with great joy, as some of our clients have committed to start a new life, and we have been able to help them in starting their small retailing shop. We also have regular monitoring and fellowship visit, to encourage their new beginning, and to facilitate a good and cordial atmosphere with their immediate family members.
    The UM used to organized retreat for the FSW every year, this year also we are planning to organize a one day retreat in the month of December.
  • Awareness Programme at Khlieh Iew Duh:
    As Mentioned above, we are indeed very happy to see the progress of our concerted afford at Khileh Iewduh, which was initiated through our various awareness programme. The Mission is also indebted to the Medical Superintendent of the Dr. Gordon Robert Hospital, Jaiaw for the kind and ready support during the last finalcial year, even as we note their worthy contribution during Our medical Clinic and eye Camp, organized on Tuesday the 4th of November 2014 and on Thursday the 12th of February 2015 respectively.
    Having been extremely encouraged by some very active and helpful participation by many addicts and FSW in our Various programme during the last financial year, we have decided to continue with more awareness programme, during this financial year as well, as we hope to experience a more participatory and excruciating impact with our enhance skilled and knowledge that we have gain through our most valuable experience with our client during such programmes.