Projects/ Counseling

Projects/ Counseling:

God has enabled the Urban Mission to carry on with the various initiatives, The following are some of the major activities discussed and empowered through these committees: –

  • Addicts’ Counselling: we have been able to undertake Counselling for addicts, every Wednesday of the week, betwee 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Counselling sessions is also conducted in other days and timing of the week, when our clients need special attention, or when the situation so demand. We are grateful to Mr. S. S. Marbaniang who is the Counsellor of the Urban Mission who has sincerely conducted his activities and duties in ways and means that greatly satisfies and benefits our clients. Addicts’ clients are specially regular and serious in attending our Counselling Classes, we are also glad to note that there are quite a number of regular attendants in such sessions from as far away places as Mairang, Nongstoin and other such far away places, we also have clients coming from various different faith and denominations. Regular home visits is also being organized to their houses, with prior understanding and arrangement with their family members, and as when family problems starts to get the better of them. These house visits, usually includes other clients who also encourage and motivate their friends to go on and continue their struggle for a new life and a new beginning. The Urban Mission also celebrates anniversaries of every client’s recovery from such addictions, every year.
  • Work amongst Female Sex Workers: This initiative is carried out, specifically with the help and assistance of Kong Nandaris Marwein and Kong Jessy Lyngdoh, who are always there in every counselling/special session with our FSW clients.This is particularly very important and conducive, considering the fact that the Urban Mission is yet to have its own female counsellor. We are thankful and delightful at what the Lord has done, as we witness the transformation in the lives of seven FSW, who have been able to initiate a new beginning, with much valuable help and assistance from the Staff and Support Group of the Urban Mission, in setting up their very own small business to support their family.
    Two more FSW have been assisted by the Mission in setting up their own shop at their place of residence and locality. For this initiative, we are in particular grateful to Dunnservices, and Deplyne Enterprise, who are very much instrumental and played a major role in making this effort of a new beginning possible.
    Two of the FSW we have been helping them by setting a Piggery farm, through it they earn their livelihood. We have also been able to visit the Office of the District Horticulture at Nongstoin, to seek for some more assistance for this particular FSW. We are also glad to note the special assistance of this office, who has erected one Poly House, on her plot of land, on the month of September 2014.
    We have also been able to construct one kutcha house for one FSW, at a very meagre cost of Rs. 11, 450. We are also glad to note the contribution of woods material for this purpose by Bah Thom Nongrum.Counselling for FSW (Female Sex Workers) also demand a quieter and more conducive environment for privacy, to protect their identity and privacy and hence to encourage more FSW’s to join our counseling sessions. For this purpose, we have been using the Counselling Room of the Dr. H Gordon Robert Hospital, of which we are very much indebted and filled with gratitude to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital for his assistance and continued support. The hospital has also taken the initiative to give free medical care and check-up, by issuing these FSW’s with a special card to be produce whenever they visit the hospital for such purpose.
    We are also visiting their household once a month, particularly on Sundays, with the intention of conducting special services and counselling with their families, besides supporting them with their various physical and spiritual needs.
    We have also been able to organized a Get Together for the FSW on the 12th December 2013 and 27th of December 2014 at the Hall of the Dr. H. Gordon Robert Hospital Jaiaw. Blankets and Bibles were also distributed to all of them on this get Together.
  • Project at Khlieh iew Duh: We once again, are glad to note the support of the Dr. H Gordon Robert Hospital in conducting the Free Medical and Free eye Camp at Khlieh Iewduh, on the 4th of November 2014 & on the 12th February 2015 where 197 and 96 individuals have benefited from this Medical Camp respectively.
    The Mission is particularly grateful to the office of the Syiem of Mylliem who have allowed us to open the Drop-in Centre, which has been a long cherished dream of the Mission to extend and expand its works amongst the FSW, by getting closer to their comfort zone. This centre will be functional since the Fourth week of August, 2015. The centre will open thrice a week as follows:
    Tuesday- Counselling (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
    Friday- Medical Clinic (10: 00 AM – 2:00 PM)
    Saturday- Counselling (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
  • Pata Rim Project: –
  • Prison Ministry: – We have been able to initiate this work, at Shillong District Jail since the month of November 2013, which starts with the monthly visit, but we are grateful to God that in 2014, we have been able to conduct weekly visit, on every Monday of the week, as a result of a request by the Jailor. Every visits is for two hours, between 10:30 AM to12:30 AM. The Mission has taken the responsibility to conduct Regular worship service inside the Jail premise, every Sunday, from the 10th of August 2014, between 2:30PM to 3:30PM, and special sessions for Addicts inside the Jail premise, every Thursday between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, which was started since the 14th of August 2014, with the service of Bah Shem Marbaniang, who is also the Counsellor of the Urban Mission.
    We are indeed very glad that through this visit, we have witness much transformation in the lives of these precious lives inside the Jail.
    We also conducted the special Christmas Programme at Shillong District Jail on the 17th of December 2014. This programme was chaired by Rev. B. Syiem, with special speeches by Bah U. Kyndiah, who is the Jailor of the jail, Kong Roshan Warjri, the honourable Minister incharge of Home. We also had special numbers performed by the inmates of the jail and Mr.Obadaiah Syiemlieh, besides a short play, performed by students of John Roberts Theological Seminary, Mawklot, who are doing their Practical with the Urban Mission. The Christmas message, on this special celebration was delivered by Rev.Dr. M.J. Hynniewta. Blankets and Bibles in both Khasi and Hindi language was also distributed to the inmates.
    We have also been able to start special Sunday School sessions for the inmates of this Jail, since the 28th of june 2015 with the help of the Students from the John Robert Theological Seminary, Mawklot.