About Us

THE KHASI JAINTIA PRESBYTERIAN SYNOD SEPNGI is one of the Synods under Presbyterian Church of India, bifurcated from the then composite KJP Synod. It is constituted on 24th November, 2002 at Mawkhar Presbyterian Church, Shillong Ri Lum Presbytery by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India, Rev. Lalremthanga and the Senior Secretary, Rev. David T. Lhouvum in the presence of both the Administrative Secretaries, Rev. D.C. Haia and Rev. W.C. Khongwir, members and delegates from all the 22 Presbyteries of the Synod. The Synod arranged that the 4th Sunday of November every year will be observed as the KJP Synod Sepngi Sunday. The Annual General Meeting meets in the second week of March every year, where members of different Departments and delegates from different Presbyteries of the Synod come together.

To pray and promote peace justice and communal harmony in the society.
To build inclusive community of men and women in the church and the society.
To protect the environment and to be good stewards of God’s creation.

No. of Presbyteries 28
Districts 108
Churches 727
Church Branches 127
Retired Pastors 23
Existing Pastors 186
Probationary Pastors 35
Elders 2287

Communicants 1,56,871
Non-Communicants 1,82,866
Total 3,39,737

Males 1,63,257
Females 1,76,480
Total 3,39,737