Urban Mission

Motto: “Transforming Lives, Reforming Society”


Life, growth and work are but interlinked to and determinant of each other. This is true and to all beings and institutions alike. The Church is of course never an exception, where its life and growth is measured through its Ministries and Mission work. The Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod, the first Church to be operated and ministered in the North Eastern parts of India, is very much deep rooted in this foundation since its inception. The Synod, over the passage of time, has continued to extend its services to God and man through its various Mission works, across the length and breadth of this great nation and its neighboring countries. The Lord has indeed tremendously blessed and gracefully guided the Synod throughout all these one hundred and seventy four years of its existence, as we walked and march in the light of His wisdom, and as He unfolds before us the varied Missions amidst our diverse and directed visions.

Noting the fact that the society at large is ghastly engulfing itself into this dynamic changing globalised world, of which the Church is found to be more wanting, the Synod which was held at Umsaw Khwan Presbyterian Church, from the 11th to the 14th March 2010, together with the support and valuable advice from the Pastor’s Conference (Jingiaseng Iasyllok ki Pastor) saw the value of Mission work amongst the most neglected and suffered lot of the society, in one voice decided to constitute another Mission and named it the “Urban Mission.” This daunting task has been entrusted to the Mission and Evangelism Department of the Synod, for it to chalk out a special Scheme for the said Mission.

Aims & Objectives

  • to revive and bring to Jesus those precious souls who have become victims of social evils like drugs addiction, alcoholism, adultery, etc.
  • to Counsel and share comforting moments with those who are HIV/ Aids victims and to bring back dignity in their lives at a time when society has discarded them.
  • to help those street children who are wandering the street aimlessly, lost and without care and love; to also find suitable opportunities for them, giving meaning Church purpose to their lives.
  • to teach people about good behavior and mutual respect between individuals, especially among Taxi drivers, Truck drivers, street vendors, etc.
  • to make people understand about the consequences and ill effects of indulging in bad habits like intoxication, adultery etc.
  • to preach the Word of God to those people who have become victims to the evil and cruelty of the World as mentioned above.
  • to work together building a strong spirituality, a belief in good morals among people with a view to turn them into God fearing and good individuals.