Mission & Evangelism

Mission & Evangelism Department: This Department promotes evangelistic and Mission works within and outside the Synod.
The following are the Mission Fields :
Khadar shnong Mission Centre, Upper Shilliang Khri Mission Centre, Nongjri Mission Centre, Kyrshai Mission Centre, Dhubri and Kokrajhar Mission. The Dhubri and Kokrajhar Mission are outside the state in the Dhubri District of Assam. Its headquarter is in Gauripur. At present there is two Missionary Pastors, 6 Churches, 551 believers, 16 Preaching Stations, 5 Missionary teachers, 10 Mission Workers, 4 Bibleman and Bible Woman, 16 Teachers 15 staffs and 2 Schools.
Christian Education Department: This department deals with matters related to education. There are 2 (two) Colleges – Synod College and Nabon Synod College. 5 (five) schools – KJP Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Shillong, KJP Synod Sepngi Secondary School, Nongstoin, Synod Higher Secondary School, Shillong, Joel Gatphoh Memorial Higher Secondary School, Kynroh and Mawkhar Christian Secondary School fully managed by the Synod. There are other Schools and Colleges established and managed by the Presbyteries, Districts and local Churches which are being allotted yearly and monthly token grants from the Synod. Besides the syllabi prescribed by the Government the department also prescribes books for moral instructions.
Synod College


Our Mission Centre within the KJP Synod Jurisdiction:

  1. Khadarshnong Mission Centre
  2. Nongjri Mission Centre
  3. Upper Shilliang Khri Mission Centre
  4. Kyrshai Mission Centre
  5. Pathgoan Mission Centre
  6. Ranikor Mission Centre

Mission Centre Outside the KJP Synod:

  1. Gauripur Mission Centre
  2. Kokrajhar Mission Centre
  3. Srirampore Mission Centre